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Cleansing Breeze cleansing and refreshing set

The Cleansing Breeze set from AMVI Cosmetics is a perfectly matched combination of cosmetics necessary to cleanse the skin and refresh it. This is a three-step process that will give your skin a healthy and radiant look.
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Vegan product


Gluten-free product Dodatkowa informacja

* except for the nourishing and regenerating night cream


Not tested on animals


Made in Poland

Content of the set

  • Moisturizing make up removal oil

    is a perfectly selected mixture of vegetable oils that thoroughly cleanse the skin of impurities, cosmetics, including waterproof products, and not irritating it at the same time. In addition, the oil intensively cares for the skin, providing it with essential nutrients and regenerating ingredients - everything it needs at this stage.
    Volume: 120ml

  • Revitalizing face scrub

    is a multi-purpose product with a cleansing and peeling effect. It was created on the basis of walnut shells that gently but effectively exfoliate dead epidermis cells. Effectively unblocks and cleanses pores. Regularly used, it increases the absorption of active substances, and promotes microcirculation stimulating the epidermis to rebuild.
    Volume: 60ml

  • Refreshing & toning mist

    with multidimensional effects, not only refreshes, but also moisturizes and relieves thirsty skin by restoring the proper pH. This light mist will provide it with valuable ingredients, making the skin full of natural glow. Its citrus, aromatic fragrance relaxes and soothes the senses.
    Volume: 100ml


How to use

Step 1.

Effective cleansing of the face from dust, make up and sebum. For this purpose, a Moisturizing make up removal oil will work perfectly. Warm up a small amount of the oil in your hands. Massage into dry skin of the face and eyelids to dissolve make up and impurities. Moisten with a little warm water and massage gently into the face. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Step 2.

The next step is a thorough cleansing using a Revitalizing face scrub. Apply the product to the previously cleansed face. Massage in circular motions, avoiding the eye area. Rinse with warm water.

Step 3.

Finally, toning with a Refreshing & toning mist. Spray it directly onto the face and neck with an atomizer or rinse with a cotton pad soaked in essence. Use daily for refreshment, on a cleansed face as a tonic or cream base.


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