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Styl Życia – Kosmetyki Wegańskie!

19 11.20

Lifestyle - Vegan Cosmetics!

Most of us have heard the word "vegan" before. An element of the lifestyle that was once considered a niche, today can be certainly considered...
Współpraca z fundacją Rak n Roll

Cooperation with the Rak'n'Roll foundation

19 11.20

We are pleased to announce that from today AMVI Cosmetics has officially started cooperation with the Rak'n'Roll foundation.
Masaż biustu - Twój rytuał piękna

Breast massage - Your ritual of beauty

18 11.20

Breasts are undoubtedly one of the attributes of a woman. They can add self-confidence, but also give rise to various types of complexes. With...
Kosmetyki bezglutenowe

Gluten-free cosmetics

18 11.20

Most of us associate gluten as a mixture of plant proteins, glutein and gliadin present in cereals such as rye, wheat or barley. Gluten is...
Alga Tęczowa – Cudowny Dar Natury

Rainbow Algae - The wonderful gift of nature

18 11.20

Rainbow algae extract used in cosmetics is a reflection of its nature. It affects the production of melanin, the ripening of melanosomes, as...
7 powodów, dla których warto stosować kosmetyki naturalne

7 reasons to use natural cosmetics

18 11.20

Natural cosmetics have been growing in popularity year after year. Consumers increasingly perceive that what is natural is better, also in terms of...

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