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Start Lifestyle Rainbow Algae - The wonderful gift of nature

Rainbow Algae - The wonderful gift of nature

Nature has been bestowing its bounty on us for centuries with excellent results. A countless number of ingredients of natural origin are used in cosmetics. Some of them (e.g. argan oil) have enjoyed great fame for years, others, constantly and successively increase their popularity and the group of fans (e.g. green tea).

However, Mother Nature is not in revealing all her treasures straightaway. Some of them are still shrouded in an exciting secret. New wonderful natural ingredients are discovered step by step revealing their potential. One of these hidden natural treasures is the rainbow algae.

The skin care characteristics of algae

Algae are aquatic plants that are found in seas, oceans, lakes and even rivers. Their skin care properties are known well beyond the present day. The beneficial influence of algae on the skin was already known in the culture of the Far East, but in the West, they were noticed only in the 20th century. The enormous abundance of minerals, elements and vitamins makes them widely used in the production of cosmetics.

Rainbow Algae is a unique variety of these water plants. Well hidden in the north of France, in the area of l'Armor Pleubian, known as the land of marine agriculture, it becomes available during the tides when the dyke carved in the rocks between Penn Lann and the island of Maudez opens. This is a unique seaweed collection area, a cluster of characteristic ecosystems and a house for rainbow algae, called Cystoseira Tamariscifolia.

The name of the Rainbow Algae comes from its structure and properties. It has branches covered with thorns, which after immersion in water begin to shimmer, rainbow. Their color changes from green to purple passing through blue. They are collected by hand to minimize losses and promote their regrowth. The shoots are pruned every year.

In 2018, Martin Lopez-Garcia et al. published a new study on Cystoseira Tamariscifolia. Their analysis shows that intracellular iridescent photonic crystals formed from lipids within photosynthetic cells give the rainbow algae a vibrant shimmering color. Such an effect was previously only possible in some animal species, such as chameleons. The ability to adapt seems to be a response to environmental factors. It provides optimal light dispersion to the chloroplasts. The algae are exposed to light of different intensity, which changes with the tides and water depth. This irradiation allows the rainbow algae to better disperse the surrounding light.

Rainbow algae extract used in cosmetics is a reflection of its nature. It affects the production of melanin, the maturation of melanosomes, as well as their disintegration, in a way beneficial to natural pigmentation and uniformity of the complexion. It influences the brightening of pigmented spots and the consistency of skin color. Cystoseira Tamariscifolia is a perfect ingredient for creams or serums.

AMVI Cosmetics as the first brand in Poland introduced cosmetics containing rainbow algae. You will find Cystoseira Tamariscifolia in such products as Intensively moisturizing face cream, Nourishing & regenerating face cream, as well as Brightening face serum with vitamin C.


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