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Start Lifestyle Breast massage - Your ritual of beauty

Breast massage - Your ritual of beauty

Breasts are undoubtedly one of the attributes of a woman. They can add self-confidence, but also give rise to various types of complexes. With age, female breasts lose their firmness, their elasticity disappears and the skin becomes flabby. Do not forget that this part of the body can also be the area of health problems, in particular breast cancer, which is the most common cancer type in women.

Masaż biustu - Twój rytuał piękna

However, there are natural ways to delay the skin ageing process and to support the breast cancer prophylaxis. Such a solution includes a breast massage. Combining it with the use of a good breast cream can be a fantastic ritual bringing beneficial effects and allowing to enjoy the female beauty. A ritual that you will want to return to every day and which will be a nice break from the constant hustle and bustle, a moment for you.

What is the purpose of massaging your breasts?

It has many advantages. It improves its condition and appearance. This activity aims to stimulate the tissues and lymphatic system activating many positive effects such as preventing premature skin ageing, improving tension, elasticity or firmness or generally giving a more attractive shape. Massages can also stimulate healthy hormonal reactions.


It is important to keep in mind that beautiful looking breasts are primarily healthy breasts. That is why the prophylaxis of breast cancer is so important. Massage is also a good opportunity to get to know your body. In the case of early detection of undesirable changes, the chances for effective action increase

How to perform a breast massage?

There are many options, but the key is to perform it properly. Only in this way we will get a satisfactory effects. One possibility is the so-called massage of circular motions. During it, it is advisable to apply, as the name suggests, circular movements. The massage itself can be performed in a few simple steps:

  • Place one hand on the back of your head so that your elbow points in a lateral direction.
  • Massage your breasts using the first three fingers of the opposite hand.
  • Apply gentle pressure. However, the pressure should not be too intense, so as not to damage the structure of the blood vessels.
  • Massage using circular movements, starting from the collarbone, towards the upper abdomen and then towards the armpit.
  • When massaging, narrow down the movements, making sure you massage the entire breast but avoiding the nipples.
  • Gently repeat this process slowly for 2-3 minutes, then change the breast using the same rules.

Massage performed consistently and carefully one to two times a day should make your breasts look more firm and shapely, increase their flexibility and improve tension. However, do not expect the effect to be visible immediately. Systematicity is crucial for visible and long-lasting results.

Remember also that this massage is not strictly self-examination oriented and will not replace palpation test, but it can provide a basis for acquiring awareness of the anatomy of your body and notice potential changes. Performing it in front of the mirror allows you to additionally observe potential changes such as color, shape, size or structure of the breasts. If you notice any disturbing signs during the massage it is worth contacting a specialist.

The ritual to which you will want to return

Cream for the breasts along with the breast massage can create a great ritual. These two elements complement each other wonderfully and form a harmonious duet in the process of taking care of the beautiful appearance of your breasts. The active substances contained in the cream can be used to support the process of firming or strengthening them. Properly massaging the cream will allow it to penetrate deeper into the skin, enhancing its effect. Therefore, it is worth considering the use of such a cosmetic.

AMVI Cosmetics Neckline & Breast Firming Cream

Ujędrniający krem do dekoltu i biustu AMVI Cosmetics

Our research and development team has developed a unique AMVI Cosmetics Neckline & Breast Firming Cream formula to help firm the breasts, improve its elasticity, prevent skin tissue sagging, moisturize and regenerate. In its composition it contains in particular:

  • Kigeline also called sausage tree. It contains exceptional amounts of flavonoids, firms, prevents skin tissue sagging and gives an anti-ageing effect;
  • Sweet Almond Oil, which nourishes, moisturizes and protects the skin;
  • Shea Butter, which nourishes and regenerates the skin, leaves a protective lipid coating to help maintain moisture, and is a natural UV filter;
  • Power Complex Vitaoils plus, a unique composition of oil, soothing, moisturizing, smoothing and giving the skin elasticity.


Additionally, it has a delicate and pleasant scent. It spreads easily without leaving a sticky layer on the skin. It should be applied 1 - 2 times a day on the skin of the neckline and breasts.

Combining the cream with the above described massage can be a wonderful ritual, which you will want to return to systematically combining what is pleasant and useful.

Breast massage - indications and contraindications

Breast massages are generally safe. However, it should be remembered that like everything, they are not always for everyone. If you are a pregnant, nursing woman, underwent a breast resizing procedure or have undergone or are undergoing an illness associated with this part of the body, this may not be appropriate for you at the moment. If in doubt, you should consult a specialist physician.



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