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About Us

Creating AMVI Cosmetics and its products, we focus on you and your needs. No matter what stage of your life you are at, we want to make it unique and delight you every day! We focus on quality and affordability, remembering about all women. By becoming a part of your skin care rituals, we will help you achieve fulfilment and enjoy life.

Enjoy life and help!

As the first cosmetic brand on the market, we donate 1% of our revenue from each product to a one, permanent goal - supporting going through breast cancer. We care about you and your loved ones. We want to remind you that for beauty to be complete and bring happiness, it should go hand in hand with health - physical and mental. We also know that being a responsible consumer is becoming increasingly important. Choosing AMVI Cosmetics products, you can be sure - they are full of natural ingredients, not tested on animals, mostly vegan and gluten-free, and produced in Poland.


Beauty is a way of life

We believe that conscious skin care goes beyond cosmetics. Beauty is a way of life. It is accompanied by openness, courage and awareness that the first step to happiness is the good. Choosing AMVI Cosmetics, you not only engage in valuable help to others, but also build your own identity as a woman conscious and ready to act. A person who sees strength in the decisions she makes.


Conscious skin care at your fingertips

We provide not only great quality skin care products for you, tailored to your needs and emphasizing your physical beauty. By inviting us to your everyday life, you become a part of a conscious, altruistic, feminine energy-fuelled community. Love life! Fall in love with AMVI Cosmetics!


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