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See frequently asked questions about AMVI Cosmetics


What AMVI stands for?

"AMVI" is a combination of the Latin words amare ("love") and vita ("life"). We love life and we want to make using our cosmetics the essence of life for you.

Is AMVI Cosmetics a Polish brand?

Yes, AMVI Cosmetics is a Polish brand, founded by people who love beauty, enjoy life and want to help.

What does AMVI Cosmetics do to help?

AMVI Cosmetics, as the first beauty brand on the Polish market, allocates permanently 1% from the sale of each product to support going through breast cancer.

Why breast cancer?

Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer type in women. Every year it affects about 2,000,000 women worldwide.

Why did you chose to cooperate with Rak'n'Roll Foundation?

Rak'n'Roll is an experienced foundation that has repeatedly proven its ability to effectively and in an extraordinary way help people with breast cancer.

Where are the cosmetics produced?

All AMVI Cosmetics products are made in Poland.


Are AMVI Cosmetics products natural?

The composition of each AMVI Cosmetics product contains at least 95% of ingredients of natural origin. Our cosmetics are full of valuable components, such as natural oils, plant extracts, plant emollients and vitamins and minerals.

Are AMVI Cosmetics products vegan?

Yes, most of our cosmetics are vegan. For clarity, each of such products is marked with a vegan sign on the packaging.

Are AMVI Cosmetics gluten-free products?

Yes, most of our cosmetics are gluten-free. For clarity, each of such products is marked with a gluten-free sign on the packaging.

Are AMVI Cosmetics products tested on animals?

No, none of the AMVI Cosmetics products is tested on animals.


For whom and at what age are AMVI Cosmetics products intended for?

AMVI Cosmetics products have been created with skin care needs in mind. You have to work for its beauty all your life. Therefore, our cosmetics do not target a specific age group.

What type of skin are AMVI Cosmetics products designed for?

AMVI Cosmetics products are usually designed for all skin types. If in doubt, you will find the appropriate labelling on the packaging.

Can AMVI Cosmetics products cause irritation or allergic reactions?

Allergic reactions and irritations are a very individual issue, strongly dependent on the sensitivity of the skin to the given ingredient. Therefore, before applying the cosmetic, it is always worthwhile to perform a skin test with a small amount of the product. The causes of an allergic reaction may be different and go beyond the effects of the cosmetic itself. In order to minimize the risk, our products are developed with great care, based on current regulations, and INCI compositions are available on packaging. In case of irritation, please contact us and inform about it. In case of a strong reaction, stop using the product and consult a doctor if necessary.

Are AMVI Cosmetics creams designed for use at a specific time of day?

If the use of a given cream is suggested for a specific time of day, you will find the icon of the sun (day) or the moon (night) on the packaging.

How do we suggest applying Neckline & breast firming cream?

Specially for this cream we have developed a simple ritual of massage of the breasts and their surroundings, which can become a relaxing and valuable retreat after a long, busy day. More information about this ritual can be found  here.

How long can AMVI Cosmetics products be stored after opening?

From 9 to 12 months, depending on the cosmetic. Specific information can be found on the packaging of each product.


What are the costs and waiting time for the delivery?

You will find all the relevant information here.

How can i contact AMVI Cosmetics?

Find the possibility to contact us here

I am interested in cooperation, what’s next?

We are constantly looking for new, dynamic partners. If you share our views on the skin care, write to wspoł and tell us about the way you would be interested in cooperation.


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