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Beauty has many aspects. We want to accompany you in your daily skin care, but we know that it is only a part of a full, happy life. The key is a holistic approach. This perspective has inspired us to take permanent and substantial actions for women's health.

How do we help?

As the first cosmetic brand on the market, we decided to permanently support a specific health related initiative, which is close to us because it is close to women.

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women. Every year it affects about 2,000,000 women worldwide. The risk factors for this disease are very complex. That is why it is so important to provide continuous support for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and help in going through breast cancer.

By donating 1% of the revenue from each AMVI Cosmetics product you buy, we are making our contribution to build a better, more women-friendly tomorrow. In addition, the pink color of AMVI Cosmetics product packaging refers to breast cancer awareness.

Focusing on the affirmation of life, we want to support the health and well-being of women whose happiness is our priority. We are a brand created out of love for women and for women. Naturally, we want them to take care of their health while we take care of their beauty and to find in themselves an endless amount of energy to act.



Cooperation with Rak’n’Roll Foundation

Starting cooperation with Rak'n'Roll foundation, to which we donate the collected funds, was a natural step for us. We share a common passion and energy to act and a belief in the need to help others. We greatly appreciate the experience of our partner, which has repeatedly proved that it can effectively and in an extraordinary way support people with breast cancer.


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