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Our mission

"AMVI" is a combination of the Latin words amare - love and vita - life. These two simple syllables contain what is the heart of our brand. Love, life, beauty and philanthropy are the core and inspiration for all our actions. With clearly defined goals, aimed at supporting women, our products go beyond purely cosmetics.

We want you to notice and grasp the enormous power that lies inside you that we can see! Your trust is invaluable for us, so we hope that your first contact with AMVI Cosmetics has inspired you to take care of yourself and others, to make choices that are the affirmation of life. The pink color of our packaging refers to the support in going through breast cancer. We can get involved in this initiative thanks to you and the decisions you make as a conscious consumer willing to do the good. The colorful flowers, which decorate each of our cosmetics, are a symbol of blooming femininity, being a source of love and strength. Each woman is for us a unique mosaic of colors, full of unique beauty. We want to emphasize it and support positively influencing you and your environment.


Beauty is a way of life

We hope to build a beautiful and lasting relationship with you, which will be based on a shared love for life and a desire to enjoy it. What we believe in and what we want to cultivate with you is a hygienic way of life and a strong femininity, full of beauty, freedom and colors.



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