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Our Standards

Believing in the power of nature, we make sure that AMVI Cosmetics products have a rich composition and that they gently but effectively serve your beauty and well-being. Our formulas are created based on carefully selected principles.

More than 95% of our ingredients are of natural origin

We use, among others, natural oils, which are great emollients or full of nutritional properties plant extracts. In creating unique cosmetics, we combine well-known ingredients such as argan oil or shea butter with an innovative approach by using raw materials such as rainbow algae or centella asiatica.

We are vegan

We understand the needs and expectations of modern women and are happy to meet them. We also understand the challenges and dilemmas faced by conscious consumers today. When deciding to buy our cosmetics, you don't have to worry because most of them are vegan.

We are gluten-free

For the well-being of our consumers, we ensured that most of our products are gluten-free. We want to make sure that people for whom gluten-free issues are important can enjoy skin care rituals with AMVI Cosmetics with peace of mind.

We love animals - we don't test

As a brand that loves and affirms life, we have the well-being of all living creatures in mind. None of AMVI Cosmetics products are tested on animals. We believe that beauty is also the ability to respect every being.

Made in Poland

AMVI Cosmetics products are made in Poland, but we are looking for the best ingredients worldwide. We combine them into appropriate compositions and formulate them in such a way as to bring out all their skin care potential. Our search focuses not only on quality and safety of ingredients, but also on innovation.

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